Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Xbox 360 Help needed! Confused of Bristol

Son A has Xbox 360 that originally didn't originally have online capability. Son B has been playing on this Xbox 360 for some time, but using son A's profile/tag whatever and saving games etc with that account. Now it is son B's birthday, and I bought a wireless network adaptor and an Xbox 360 Gold membership card. Now for the problem. Son A has an online profile (silver) that he uses on PC for some games and for MSN/Live chat etc. I dont want to update son A's profile because 1. it's not his birthday and 2. son B would get MSN updates from Son A's online mates whilst playing games (not appropriate as son A is 20 whilst son B is only 13). If son B uses a new account on the Xbox 360 and I upgrade that to Gold membership he will effectively lose all of his game saves as they are associated with Son A's account/profile. What can I do? Can I migrate the saves somehow over to the new account? If I do will son A lose his account information that he uses for PC games? That would cause a world war! I am out of my Xbox 360 depth here! HELP!!!

Posted via email from Pete Gilbert