Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Interlace - Singapore

A year and a half ago, OMA unveiled the first images for a residential project in Singapore. Basically it was a set of stacked low-rise blocks. The project is located on a green belt outside the capital city, and consists on 31 stacked apartment blocks, each six-stories tall and identical in length, resulting in 170,000sqm of gross floor area for 1,040 apartments.

By looking at the plan view of the complex, a series of inner courtyards appear on the empty spaces between the blocks. The project  turns then into a rich vertical community, apart from the single tower projects seen in the area. Extensive residential amenities and facilities are interwoven into the lush vegetation and offer opportunities for social interaction, leisure, and recreation.

Go to Archdaily for the full story.

Posted via email from Pete Gilbert