Thursday, August 27, 2009

Olympus E-P1 Design

Via Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource have a full review here. With the lens off you can see the Four Thirds sensor. Notice there is no mirror, and the shutter defaults to the open position. Those dots either side of the logo are the stereo microphones.

Not much to see here, only the D-ring.

Here are the USB and HDMI ports.

On the top are the exposure mode selector, power light, power button, shutter release and exposure compensation button. There is also a hot shoe for flash. Can also be used for the optional optical viewfinder.

On the back is the 3 inch LCD. Imaging Resource have a fuller description on the functions of the controls here.

SD and battery are on the bottom. There is also a tripod mount. Having seen the camera in such close up I really want one now. Imaging Resource have a good review that includes sample photos and a complete tear down of performance.

Did I mention that I want one?

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