Sunday, August 09, 2009

Call for images - collaborative Arts Project

What is the oldest digital photo that you have in digital format? I am interested in finding out how many people have images that are greater than 8-10 Yrs old.


I am looking for people to donate images for a collaborative arts project. The images should be images created by a digital camera and be older than 8-10 years. No scans of film photos please. The images will be used in an arts project and I will mention everyone who donates images.


Remember, the images don't have to be of anything special. Or that technically brilliant. If they are, that's great. But "telling it like it is" is as important. The major thing is the digital provenance i.e. it is from a digital camera and it is older than say 8 - 10 years.


If you do manage to find any images can you please email to and mark the images "Digital Archive" thank you. Plus any background information you might have about the image would be useful, such as when taken, where, how it was found (media and such) but is not essential. Thanks in advance! 

Image: My son at Niagara Falls, 2004. 

Posted via email from Pete Gilbert