Thursday, July 02, 2009


"Sebastien Wierinck's public furniture projects seem to lend themselves to some interesting misinterpretations. For instance, when I first saw the two projects pictured here I thought not only that they were one project, but that they were the black tentacles of some kind of furniture-laying machine."

BLDGBLOG always has interesting articles where the author, Geoff Manaugh, takes what is there and then goes on to postulate fantastic, almost sci-fi, applications and scenarios. For this reason, BLDGBLOG is usually the first blog I read after catching up on my emails in the morning. Never boring, always new content and usually well thought out arguments and eye catching images. This article starts with talking about an installation and ends up wondering what would happen if we could walk into our house and end up with new, customised furniture and lighting each time. Fantastic.

Posted via web from Pete Gilbert