Thursday, July 20, 2006

solvent transfers

Doing a solvent transfer is probably the quickest, easiest way to get an image onto a T-Shirt, Moleskine, or other surface. Like screen printing, the image is applied directly the surface. Unlike screen printing, this can be done quickly, cheaply, and without an extra equipment. (DIY:Happy)
Via DIY:Happy

This is a fantastic method of creating images that I am going to try in the near future (this week hopefully). You start with a photocopy (or many photocopied images) the copy is laid over the surface face down, and a solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner is applied to the back. You then rub the surface to reveal a mirrored image. For smaller images a blender pen can be used (get it from an art shop) but a rag moistened in solvent works better for larger areas.

angel tags

A blender pen transfer on a tag (from

wooden letterbox

Similar thing onto a wooden box.

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Sam said...

Yo cool blog. Please host your own images, though, and it least give DIY:happy credit for your first paragraph.


Pete Gilbert said...

Its called blogging, its where you blog about things you think are cool. I dont see where the problem is, I'm linking to you anyway. And I have given you attribution.