Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday Morning Blues

I think I've got the Sunday morning blues. You know that feeling? There's no milk or bread and the man next door thinks its a good idea to use a power plane out in the road to trim the bottom off his new kitchen door. At 9:00 on a bloody Sunday morning! I go to the shop to get bread and milk then realise when I'm back that I didnt get margarine, which we also need. No bloody toast for me then. And oh- wait it gets better - the cookers not working and the computer goes on the blink. WAS IT SOMETHING THAT I DID? Or maybe didn't do? All I know is that after fixing the computer all I've got to look forward to is fixing the cooker, and boy is it dirty in there!

Fixed the computer, and fixed the cooker. Now all I need is something to eat. Partner has gone out in a huff, she can't stand it, can't say I blame her. Kids are either comatose or watching Cartoon Network. Or is it both? Cat just tried to bite me. Blimey, do I have sign on my back or something? Want to build my own house? WHY? The one I got is bad enough!

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